An Unfinished Life

Friday, March 26, 2010

Einar Gilkyson's boy has die young. Einar become temperamental people... always get bad emotional in his behaviour. He lives in a ranch... far from city. It was a city near mountains and hill... look like wyoming area. Einar has a friend named mitch bradley. And who is jane? einar is father in-law for Jane. Jane and gilkyson junior have a daughter, named Griff Gilkyson who later live closely with einar that in the beginning Einar doesn't like Jane and griff. The badman in this movie is Gary Winston, ex-boyfriend of jane whose always still finding Jane wherever she go. Gary is more bad temperament than Einar.... so Einar is very hates to gary and will become make he go out from his ranch. And it happened, finally Gary gets out from the town... don't know where he goes to.