Eastbound and Down Season 2 Premiere

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eastbound And Down Season 2 Premiere 2010-Watch Chapter 7 Online S02E01 – Eastbound and Down Season 2 Premiere will take place this evening on HBO. HBO’s wild show “Eastbound and Down” is returned for its second season with the first episode titled “Chapter 7″. The series, which stars Danny McBride and Will Farell was an instant success last year, prompting the network to take the show from a one-off miniseries and making a full time series. It’s foul mouthed, immature humor has made it a success among young people.

We get to follow Kenny Powers, a former MLB pitcher who has fallen from glory as he attempts to make a comeback into baseball. In the first season, we get to watch him as he is able to recapture his high school sweetheart. At the end of the season, the two of them are living together just after Kenny Powers receives a phone call that he has been called up to the big leagues. On his way to Florida, he receives another call from the agent that signed him, saying that he had been fired and Powers now will not be a part of the team.

Rather than face the embarrassment, he asks his girlfriend to head into the store for him to grab some items. While she is inside, he leaves her belongings sitting on the roadside and drives away without her.
To quench the curiosity, it is important to know that Rita will neither be portrayed alive on the show nor she will appear in a psychological illusion instead she will be put on view in her coffin. All the fans of Rita can get a last sight of her. If you miss to watch the premiere, you can also catch Dexter season 5 episode 1 online.
One thing that is unclear till this time is the behavior of Dexter after the death of his wife. Viewers are craving to know whether he will quit killing people or will boost the intensity of murders. This can only become understandable after watching the premiere of the show.

The second season of the show will takes us to Copales, Mexico, where Kenny Powers has been picked up by a Mexican professional baseball team.
Powers also changes his name to Steve and starts running a cockfighting ring and says things like “you pay Steve when his cock wins.”

Having a lover for Kenny (played by Ana De La Reguera), a new crazy owner (Michael Pena) ,a mad manager (Marco Rodriguez), and a wild neighbor (Efren Ramirez) should make for some great laughs and an interesting second season for “Eastbound and Down.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Eastbound and Down Season 2.

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