Sheaffer Stars For Sale (Diamond Fountain Pen)

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sheaffer Stars of Egypt Solid Gold Fountain Pen is the marquee member of the Sheaffer Stars of Egypt Limited Edition Collection, a unique and exclusive collection of fine writing instruments commemorating the fascinating culture of the Ancient Egypt. With only 30 Solid Gold Fountain Pens in the edition, you can be certain you'll have a treasure that will only grow in value over the years.

B001HL0TAM Sheaffer Stars of Egypt Solid Gold with 0.25ct Diamond Fountain Pen (SH/9353-0)
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Unique Engraving with Stunning Brilliant Cut Diamond
The Solid Gold Fountain Pen has a 18K solid gold finish with a 22K gold plate clip. This limited-edition pen was intricately engraved in Italy, with the barrel depicting classic elements of Egyptian culture such as Osiris, the Pyramids, and the Eye of Horus. These details are set off by highly polished accents and the exclusive Sheaffer's inlaid nib. At the top of the writing instrument, in place of the signature Sheaffer White Dot, is a .25ct brilliant cut diamond representing Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.