topic number one for lots of Hollywood insiders

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chicago - The collapse after only 72 days of Kim Kardashian's marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries has Hollywood buzzing like crazy. Given how widely-known the Kardashians are, this split is topic number one for lots of Hollywood insiders.

Here's the key scoop:
1. The breakup was mostly about the family feuding issues. Kris is very close to his family,and they despise the Kardashians. The down-to-earth Midwestern Humphries clan felt Kim and her family looked down on them, something they found amazing, because they think the nouveau riche Kardashians are very tacky.

A Minneapolis source close to the Humphries told me, "Kris' family hated the way Kim, her mom Kris and the others treated them like they lived in a trailer park, or something." Conversely, Kim felt the coldness coming from the Humphries, and that caused problems.

2. For Kim Kardashian, her career is number one, and Kris was always whining about her not paying him enough attention. Her response: Get with the program or get out. Obviously, she decided he was never going to come around, hence the divorce filing.

3. Kim also was unhappy with how Kris complained about "the fame game” but then did everything he could to be part of the whole Kardashian phenomenon, wanting endorsements and appearance fees just because he was married to Kim, not because of his own abilities.

In further Kardashian news, I also learned that despite the couple's claims of being so much in love (until recently), Kim reportedly had told a couple of girlfriends that Kris was "kind of boring" in the bedroom...Oops!

Along with the Kardashian-Humphries breakup, another Hollywood marriage has collapsed. Actress Zooey Deschanel's marriage to rocker Ben Gibbard, singer for Death Cab for Cutie, has run its course.

According to a source close to star of Fox's The New Girl the couple have been moving "in different directions for awhile," and Deschanel's new TV show has been so all-encompassing, her relationship with her husband suffered. It's also been confirmed that no third party was the cause of the breakup.

Even though a woman has filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber claiming a backstage sex romp with the teen idol led to her pregnancy, the young superstar's lawyers are vehemently denying there's any truth to the story. Bieber's attorneys are demanding a paternity test and are rattling big legal swords -- threatening lawsuits, etc.

Finally, what started as a joke, may lead to a film role for Amy Poehler. The comedian had joked about going as the late top Hollywood agent Sue Mengers for Halloween since she bears a strong resemblance to Mengers when she was young and active in Hollywood. Poehler said it at a party where a couple of guys in attendance are working on a script about Mengers, who rose from receptionist at a big talent agency to becoming the agent for all the big stars of the '70s and '80s, including Barbra Streisand, Jack Nicholson, Ali McGraw, Faye Dunaway, etc.

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